We are The Best Safeguard for Your Signage

Enclosures for digital, dynamic and static communication

We are The Best Safeguard for Your Signage - Mex Media Exposure

Digital Signage Casings

We design, develop and manufacture competitive custom digital signage solutions. Both single and double sided enclosures for all sizes LCD, LED and TFT displays. Our casings are modular, durable and reusable. Made of high quality aluminum with coating of the highest standard and equipped with the latest technology. We ensure that your valuable displays function optimally and are protected from the elements. A temperature-controlled ventilation system with an inventive filter system ensure our cassings to cool extremely effective to get the most out of your displays.


Dynamic and Static Casings

Our aluminium single and double sided casings for static and/or scrolling posters are high-quality composed and provided with Qualicoat lacquer of the highest standard. In combination with sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting and tempered glass, these enclosures have extremely low maintenance costs and can therefore be in the field for a long time with minimal service requirements.


From spectaculars to small format E-Paper information systems, we can deliver this and much more. Whether illuminated or not, modular and optionally cooled. For indoors and outdoors, in the cold or in the heat. With LED, LCD, TFT or E-Paper solutions, static or scrolling. In the Netherlands we research and test the possibilities and develop the products. Manufacturing takes place in the European Union. Inquire about the various possibilities.


Dynamic Wayfinding systems

We develop and produce casings for Dynamic Wayfinding Systems and illuminated signage systems for public transport purposes. Due to the high demands placed on these systems, they will last for at least ten years and are vandal resistant. The systems are designed in such a way that the service requirement is low and cost effective. We have experience with LCD, LED, TFT and E-Paper techniques. An economical and inventive cooling and filtering system ensures that displays function optimally, use their maximum lifespan and function in extreme conditions. If desired we also provide poles, gantries and mounting brackets.

Public Transport Furniture

Shelters equipped with single or double-sided illuminated advertising enclosures provided with a digital, dynamic or static display casing, whether or not in combination with a Dynamic Wayfinding System. We manufacture them in all shapes and sizes, for every type of public transport. Custom-made, robust, recyclable, sustainable and possibly even ecologically sound. Fully equipped with all kinds of accessories.