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Every Message in Its Own Frame - Mex Media Exposure


We guarantee the highest quality and therefore offer up to ten years warranty on all our enclosures. Applications such as safety glass, anti-graffiti treatment, Qualicoat certified coatings and parts from premium suppliers ensure that our casings remain in top shape for a longer period of time, both aesthetically and operationally.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to forty years of experience and extensive testing, our casings are manufactured in such a way that maintenance is hardly necessary. The long service life of the individual parts, the quality of the materials used and a sophisticated design ensure a low and economical maintenance level. Our products have been further developed in such a way that any service can be performed quickly, easily and affordably.


Airflow 2.0

Our enclosures for digital applications are standard equipped with a temperature-controlled ventilation system. The fans are of the highest quality and have a lifespan of up to 7 years. An inventive filter system allows cool fresh air to enter the casing while keeping dirt out. All this ensures your valuable displays to function optimally, are protected from the elements and enjoy a long service life.

Premium Parts

Our products consist of various electrical and mechanical parts. All individual parts meet the highest CE standards and are therefore of a high quality and very safe standard. All our products are developed, designed and tested in the Netherlands and therefore comply with set Dutch and European standards.



Nearly all material from our products is 100% recyclable. From the aluminum to the glass, and from the steel to the plastic.

Display and content partners

We have access to various display suppliers of LED, LCD, TFT and E-Paper techniques in Europe or directly from factories in Asia. We also have excellent relationships with producers of digital content. Whether it’s a large rollout or a small project, we can always assist.


Custom Designs and Profiles

We can make unique designs for any desired project. Our factory produces custom profiles. We can manufacture any desired shape and size from high-quality aluminum. Of course also in any desired color, with a color guarantee of up to 25 years.

Renders and Presentations

We visualize concepts and designs free of charge in order to get the best impression of practice and to optimize situations in the field.